The Adventures of Mighty  MAN™

Join the exciting journey of the cartoon series as we follow the indomitable Mighty-Man™ and his dedicated crew of construction trucks, known as the Mighty Wheels®. Tasked with a vital mission by Mayor Diesel, Mighty-Man™ embarks on a heroic quest to revitalize Motor City after it falls into a state of disarray. As Mighty-Man™ arrives in the city, the extent of the devastation becomes starkly evident.

Mighty Wheels - Mighty Man™ Season 1 Trailer

The Journey Begins - S1E1

A Major Shift - S1E2

Orange Sherbert - S1E3

A New Foggy Friend - S1E4

Humble Radish Pie - S1E5

Ice to Meet You - S1E6

Ready, Set, Slow - S1E7

Field Trip - S1E8

The Story of Dr. Thunder™: S1 E9

The Treasure - S1E10

The End of Motor City - S1E11

D.D. Digger Dan™ - S1E12

A Mighty Merry Christmas Special