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20” Mighty Wheels® Recycle Waste Truck

20” Mighty Wheels® Recycle Waste Truck

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Introducing the 20" Mighty Wheels® Recycle Waste Truck – a dynamic playtime partner meticulously crafted from durable steel and robust plastic. This waste truck is a symbol of responsible play, designed to handle the toughest imaginative recycling missions with ease.

Engineered with a blend of sturdy steel and resilient plastic, the Recycle Waste Truck is ready to take on any recycling adventure your child can dream up.

With its realistic design, this waste truck introduces children to the concept of recycling in an engaging and interactive way, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment.


- Mega Recycle Truck 20" Long

- Made with Steel and Plastic

- Action Parts - Garbage

- Free Wheels Drive

- Age 3+

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