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3.5" Mighty Wheels® Construction Vehicles

3.5" Mighty Wheels® Construction Vehicles

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Introducing the 3.5" Mighty Wheels® Construction Vehicles – a captivating collection of playtime companions meticulously crafted from durable steel and rugged plastic. This versatile lineup includes a dump truck, front loader, bulldozer, cement mixer, and mobile crane, each offering its unique charm and realistic detailing.

These construction vehicles are engineered to endure the most enthusiastic play sessions, constructed with a robust combination of steel and plastic. Their sturdy build ensures lasting fun and resilience in the face of any imaginative project.

- 3.5" Long

- Made with Steel and Plastic

- Action Parts

- Free Wheels Drive

- Comes in 5 truck styles - Dump Truck, Front Loader, Crane, Cement Mixer and Bulldozer

- Age 3+


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