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16” Mighty Wheels® Cement Mixer

16” Mighty Wheels® Cement Mixer

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Introducing the 16" Mighty Wheels® Cement Mixer – an interactive playtime marvel engineered from rugged steel and resilient plastic. This cement mixer not only boasts a robust construction but also comes alive with realistic truck sounds, elevating the play experience to a whole new level. Crafted for enduring fun, its authentic design and hardwearing materials ensure it can handle any pretend construction project. Let your child explore the world of building with the 16" Mighty Wheels® Cement Mixer and immerse themselves in an exciting symphony of imagination and sound.

- Mighty Cement Mixer 16" Long

- Made with Steel and Plastic

- Action Parts

- discharge hole and controllable mixer

- Free Wheels Drive

- Realistic Sounds Feature

- Requires 2 AA Batteries which are included

- Age 3+

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