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16” Mighty Wheels® Mobile Crane

16” Mighty Wheels® Mobile Crane

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Introducing the 16" Mighty Wheels® Mobile Crane – an extraordinary playtime companion forged from sturdy steel and resilient plastic. This mobile crane goes beyond the ordinary, featuring realistic truck sounds that bring the construction site to life with every move. Built to withstand the most imaginative adventures, its authentic design and durable materials ensure it stands up to the toughest play. Elevate your child's playtime with the 16" Mighty Wheels® Mobile Crane and let their creativity soar alongside lifelike sounds and endless construction possibilities.

-Mighty Mobile Crane 16" Long

-Made with Steel and Plastic

-Action Parts - movable outrigger beams, extendable parts and controllable hook

-Sounds Feature

-Free Wheels Drive

- Requires 2 AA Batteries which are included

- Age 3+

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